Trancoso is one of the few places where the simplicity of its day to day life and the friendliness of its inhabitants are as enchanting as the beauty of its landscapes. The harmony between the historic village with its colourful fisherman’s cottages and the beautiful wide, sandy beaches and warm waters reflect the uniqueness of the place.

Built on the plateau where the sea is admired, Praça São João, known worldwide as Quadrado, is the quiet historic centre of the village. During the day, villagers sit in the shadow of the trees while the children play freely around the square. At nightfall, the small church, which the second oldest in Brazil, lights up and the charming shops and restaurants open their doors. Lights twinkle and music is playing, creating a magical atmosphere.

But, Trancoso is not just the “Square”. Paradise beaches, rivers of crystalline water, cliffs that change colour and shape. There are also sports for all tastes: from football to golf, paragliding, kayaking and diving.

Trancoso is one of the most multicultural villages in the world, where diversity is celebrated. It offers a unique lifestyle, which includes beautiful local architecture, art, and craft, gastronomy and music festivals.

There also is a strong emphasis on the local indigenous culture of the Pataxo tribe. Each year, Trancoso hosts a festival of music, where renowned national and international artists come to play.

Trancoso has become an important destination for weddings. Couples from around the world choose this place for their special day.